Interview with Takumi Saito

Q: How did you feel when you found out that you landed this role? Is there anything you want to achieve with this drama?
A: On Nippon TV, I have previously appeared in a LIVE programme called 'Rajikaru!!', where I had to take a bath in a hot spring, and read out viewer messages amongst other activities that were quite different from acting. This time, I am very glad to have been cast as the lead role in a drama, and I wanted to share this joy with the crew working on this programme. I am really thankful to them for choosing me amongst so many other actors.

Q: What is your impression of the original novel, "Hideo Himura Series"?
A: As we are producing a drama based on the ongoing popular series by Alice Arisugawa, I wanted to try to bring out the greatness of this work. I think it is a stylish piece of work, and I feel that the character "Hideo Himura" is very unusual as his personality is made up of the characteristics of various detectives from many different movies and dramas. I hope to showcase how sophisticated this Japanese detective is. I don't feel a lot of pressure, as I enjoy playing this role.

Q: About acting alongside Masataka Kubota
A: We have worked together several times on previous projects, and even from before, I was surprised by his abilities as an actor, and I wondered how great an actor he would become. We are buddies in this drama, so I am looking forward to bringing out off-screen chemistry to the drama this time too.

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